You will need
    • chicken meat 300 g
    • lean beef - 700 g
    • 2 bulbs
    • a piece of white bread
    • 2 eggs
    • olive oil
    • salt
    • pepper
    • greens-to taste.
For making stuffing you need to prepare a deep bowl to make it easier to mix the ingredients.
Take the meat for the stuffing, carefully wash it under running water and dry. Cut into pieces. Below the meat are delicious, the meat is better to take fresh, chilled, not previously frozen.
Crank meat through a meat grinder (or chop in a blender) - as anyone familiar. The last method of grinding a few preferable as using the blender to mince particles of desired size and consistency.We must remember that the stronger the shredded meat, the tenderer will have completed the dish, the easier it is formed from such a minced meat patties and the faster they are cooked. And Vice versa: the larger particles of meat, the worse from it molded products, which in the cooking process can fall apart, and the more time-consuming in their preparation. Therefore, the consistency of the stuffing is prepared on the basis of his appointment. If the meat is too lean, you can add either more chicken, or optionally mix with minced pork ham.
Soak the bread in cooled boiled water and finely chop (you can mash them with a fork). To the end to wring the water out of the bread does not need. Add bread to meat stuffing. Finely chop the onion and fry it in olive oil until transparent. Cool. RUB the garlic on a fine grater (if you need to cook the patties with garlic). Add the onion, garlic and eggs in the minced meat. You can put shinkovannuyu herbs to taste (dill, parsley). Season with salt and pepper and thoroughly mix.Ready stuffing put in the fridge for half an hour so that it is uniformly impregnated with salt and spices. Stir again. Delicious beef is ready for further manipulation!