It is necessary to mention that the bracelet clasp, some might call not Fenichka, and a bracelet. However, closure is still needed, if jewelry is not allowed to wear in school or at work, or if you just like variety in itself. So, if you are principled hippie – feel free to make baubles on the clasp.
For example, for a textile that is linked from the iris or other thread baubles quite suitable fastener strap. Metal buckle, you can buy in any store for needlework. Weave bracelet must have the same width, which is at the buckle. Before the weaving threads separately attach the loops on the middle partition of the buckle, and then braid bracelet pattern is selected. Decoration length should be 2-3cm shorter than the circumference of the wrist. When the string is ready, the remains of the threads need to tie knots in pairs, the decoration has not dissolved, the ends of the threads to fold and sew small stitches to the wrong side. After you sew about half a centimeter, the excess thread can be cut. Then, from the soft thin leather or leatherette cut out two identical strap of suitable width, length approximately 4-5 cm. by hand or on the sewing machine sew the straps on two sides by the end of the baubles so that they fully covered the hemmed ends of the thread. Sew the straps together. You only have to pierce a thick needle several holes in the strap, and the Fennec could be easily worn.
For beaded jewelry is more suitable clasps made from beads. Metal snap-hooks or magnetic locks is also possible, but with the ideology of the hippies, the metal is not combined at all. To make the clasp beads, the ends of baubles you will have to do not straight, and triangular. Begin to weave a bracelet with large beads through which miss all the major threads. A bit continue with the clasp, strung bead after 3-4 beads. Then braid bracelet as planned. When you are done, also collect all the threads and thread them through a few beads. From the resulting "tail" make a loop of sufficient diameter for the passage of the beads.
Another way to secure the bracelet on the arm to make a regular tie. To do this, simply leave the long ends of yarns when weaving with two sides, and when the bracelet is ready – weave them into braids. To learn how to wear and tie on hand this ornament, you will need some skill, but after a little practice you will easily be able to do it.