Pick up the head piece under the figure.
This rule is very simple: the more growth, the more hat.
Competitive girls suit head pieces. High should choose wide or flat, but in any case not to opt for a formfitting Il small caps. Tall and slim fit large hat. Broad-shouldered bulk will go head - pieces bright hue, and full – brimmed hats headwears.
Pick a head piece to the face shape.
There are four basic face shapes: oval, round, square and triangular.
Holders of oval type lucky, it goes with almost everything. Particularly well will look berets, caps with a flat top, classic hats or asymmetrical hats. But such people are not advised to wear tight hats and stretched up head pieces. People with round face are Panama, volume berets, hats asymmetrical hats. They should avoid hats of tablets and too bulky hats. The square face suitable hats with earflaps, sports models head - pieces and asymmetric caps with understated decor. It is better not to wear headscarves and brimmed hats. The owners of triangular face are small, but not a fitted hats and headwear - hats with small fields, scarves, shawls.
Pick a head piece to the hair.
Direct and short hair suit head piece of the hat or bowler. Women with short and curly hair, you should choose Panama or cap. Girls with straight long hair of a hat with a wide brim and knitted berets. And the owners of curly and long hair is better to choose berets, hats with drooping fields and form-fitting knit caps.
Pick a head piece to clothing.
Head - piece to be combined with clothing and accessories in color and style. Coat and cloak suit hat, a short jacket, knit cap. Shuba wear knit or fur caps to match, and coats – hats with mixed textures.