Picking up the hat, focus on your primary style. The hat should match the clothes you plan to wear it. It also needs to match your proportions and your body shape.
A slender girl of small stature will look ridiculous in the too big and cumbersome hat, as well as full and high a woman will not do a miniature hat.
If you have a rounded face, choose hats with asymmetric fields and offset unusual decorations.
Also you fit beanie with small lapels. Owners of round faces are not suitable too large and too tight hats.
Triangular face shape can be advantageously set off in small caps pushed on the forehead or berets. Also you fit hat with small fields, shifted to one side, and a variety of shawls and scarves.
The owner of the square face will be able to smooth out the natural features of the hard hat with earflaps, fur, knitwear, leather and many other materials, or an elegant hat with a drooping fields. If you have a square face, avoid voluminous decoration on hats.
An oval face is considered the most proportional and correct, and that person fits most models of hats. You will approach graceful and geometric shapes. Classic forms of men's hats beautifully accentuate an oval face, especially if it's a little stretched. You will also fit a small flat cap and a wide berets.