You will need
  • the tape, mirror, table
Of course, to choose any headpiece preferably with direct fitting. But this is not always possible. Often we buy things without trying, when ordering by mail or Internet. Sometimes you have to buy a beanie baby in his absence, when to try as impossible. In all these cases it is necessary to accurately know the size.
To know the size of the hats is quite simple, just measure the circumference of your head and compare the resulting size with the size chart hats. For measuring you will need regular sartorial meter (the tape) and the mirror if you plan to measure your head.
The circumference of your head measured around the circumference of the skull, while the tape must pass in front of the frontal mounds about 1.5-2 cm above the eyebrows, above the ears on each side and gently cover the back of the head. Tightly inch is not necessary, but is free to SAG it should not. The result will match your head size.
There are both General international standard sizes of hats, and for individual countries. An exact match of a particular size can be read from the table of dimensions. In particular, in Russia it is customary to designate the size of caps and hats in centimeters corresponding to the coverage of the head. International standard and American sizes are expressed as letters: S = 53-54 cm); M = 55-56 cm, L = 57-58 cm; XL = 59-60 cm In the UK and Western Europe generally accepted dimensions of headwear, expressed in inches. To know their exact correspondence in the dimension tables.
When choosing a headdress, if you doubt the accuracy of the size, you should always choose something a little larger to avoid when worn with an unpleasant feeling of compression of the head. This is especially important when it comes to selecting hats for children. And for an adult hat too tight can create a lot of inconvenience.