Remove vegetable soil inside the Foundation, put instead of 15-20 cm of the dry soil, tamp it thoroughly, moisten.
On top of wetlands press a gravel or crushed stone to a depth of more than 4 cm.
On top of the rubble lay two underlying layer (15-20 cm) from waste brick, stone, etc. material, leveling and compacting it, and pouring lime watering each layer.
Wait for curing of the base.
The base install brick columns in the two bricks at a distance of 70-100 cm from each other. In each column put a piece of roofing felt or roofing material for waterproofing, on top lay a wooden strip of scrap Board (thickness over 30 mm), impregnated with antiseptic.
On top of the prepared posts, put wooden logs - logs with a diameter of 14-15 cm, sawn lengthwise. Line up the joists to level, if necessary obesite them. Leave a gap of 7-8 cm between the joists and walls to their rain.
From a purely planed boards, 40 mm thick, lay the floor and attach it with nails to the joists. Nails must be longer than the thickness of the flooring in 2.5 times. The flooring should be laid perpendicular to the wall with the window.
Astrogate carefully prepared floors, zashpaklyuyte and color them with oil paint.
If slab Foundation sexual lugs put on the roofing material or roofing that sheltering a concrete slab Foundation. Joists fastened to the concrete using a drill or punch. Further, the flooring is also the same as the tape Foundation.
Many owners to use flooring chipboard sheets. Or they are placed on the joists, or already have wooden floors. Plates of a particleboard line the floor and further insulated him, thus avoiding additional fillers. Over particleboard it is possible to lay linoleum, or a laminate floor be installed.