You will need
  • - Hairdryer
  • mousse, foam or gel hair;
  • - round brush.
Easier just to make voluminous bangs for thick and dense hair, but the greatest benefit it brings flat and thin strands. Voluminous bangs, especially with complex coloring, visually increases volume.
First, to make yourself a voluminous bangs, apply on slightly damp hair a little mousse, gel or foam and style using a round brush and Hairdryer. If you want surround, but straight and flat bangs, then direct a jet of air dryer followed by a flat brush from the top down.
Voluminous bangs are different. And before you begin the installation, you need to determine what kind of bangs will suit you best. For example, if you have a narrow low forehead, you fit a thick (taken almost from the top), deep (shorn almost to the ears) bangs.Volume bangs below the eyebrows can divert attention from a large nose, and women with small facial features fit lush voluminous bangs combed to the side.If you have a high forehead, the bangs don't need to do too thick, it will lead to the disproportional nature of the person. A wide face will suit a less deep body bangs, or affilirovannymi with rounded corners.It is not always possible to make a volume bangs curly hair.
Voluminous bangs in the style of pin-up: gather all the hair in one smooth bun and secure it at the nape. Bangs necesite first, then tighten up using pliers, until a beautiful curl around the edge and fasten varnish.
Voluminous bangs in the style of a film star: screw the hair treated with the mousse, on large curlers, blow dry with round brush. Form a side parting, and then put lush bangs on the right side.
Voluminous bangs in the style of 80s rock years: carefully necesite all the hair, lifting up, including the bangs. Then, treat comb hair gel strong hold.