You will need
    • flour 1 tbsp.;
    • eggs 2 pieces;
    • water 0,5 tbsp.;
    • salt;
    • cherry 500 g;
    • sugar 0,5 article;
    • semolina 1.5 tbsp
Knead the dough for dumplings. Sift a Cup of flour through a fine sieve. This will allow to saturate it with oxygen and make the dough more tender.
Pour the flour in a large plate, in the centre slides make a well. In a separate bowl, lightly beat with a whisk two eggs. Pour them into the flour, add salt to taste and gradually pour half a Cup of water with his free hand kneading the dough. For consistency it should be a cool and elastic. When the dough is no longer sticky, cover it with a cloth and leave for 20-30 minutes.
Meanwhile, prepare the filling. Cherries go through, remove the seeds from them. Fold the berries into a bowl and cover them with the sugar to a pound of cherries in about half a Cup of sugar. When you receive the juice, pour it into a separate container.
The main difficulty in the preparation of these dumplings is the appearance in the filling of juice, from which the dough may fall apart. To avoid this, together with the sugar, add the berries with semolina or corn starch - 1.5-2 tablespoons per 500 g of cherries. If monkey no, cherry has already been cleared and allocated juice, put in the freezer. Frozen berries will work much easier.
The dough for dumplings roll out to a thickness of 3 mm. Cup slice it into circles. In each circle, add about a teaspoon of stuffing – it should not be too much, otherwise the dumpling when cooked will rasslabitsya. Each circle is folded in half and sealed around the edges. The edges of the dumpling were better sticking together, they can lubricate the beaten egg.
It's better to boil the dumplings in salted water for 6-8 minutes. Serve them to table hot, watering left cherry juice mixed with sour cream.