Cocoa powder is a paste from the fruit of the tree of cocoa, dried and milled. Drink from this product is prepared as follows: take milk, water and sugar, poured a small amount of powder. The mixture is brought to a boil – everything is ready to drink. The powder prepared from the fruit of the chocolate tree, saved a lot of nutrients, making hot chocolate is very useful. It prevents aging, nourishes the body with vitamins and protects from some diseases.
Choosing a cocoapowder note on the flavour and structure. If the powder curdled, this means that the storage of the mixture was carried out improperly or shelf life of the product comes out. The same thing is the loss of cocoa-powder flavor. If the taste of the drink made from this powder leaves much to be desired, he is not suitable for the hot chocolate. Although usually, such a product can still be added to the dough – natural tree powder cocoa is an excellent dye makes the cakes taste and aroma of chocolate.
Cocoa powder should be uniform and have good flavor.
Cocoa drink is easy to mix. Enough to take a few spoonfuls of this product, dilute with hot water or hot milk and cocoa finish. The composition of mixtures used for making cocoadrinks, be sure to include the powder from the fruit of cacao, also there is usually added sugar, milk and lecithin – this substance prevents the undissolved sediment.
If you want to choose high-quality cocoa-a drink, be sure to check the mass fraction of fat in the mixture, it should be more than 15%. This means that the composition includes a lot of butter of cocoa. A good powder for beverage happens to be very finely if the grind finger pinch, it should not be scattered, and to stay on the skin of the fingers. Grains and lumps this flaw, indicating that the mixture was not stored correctly, or it poorly. This drink can taste dry. If the language does not feel unpleasant taste, it is all right.