First, determine your current worldview. To do this, answer a few questions:
- how was our world?
- was he created by God or it is a natural process of the "big Bang"?
After answering these questions try to find evidence of their answer. They may seem not so convincing, and initially formed your worldview is from this moment on will begin to change. Because the study of the world and your opinions about this are the starting point in the world Outlook and mentality. So let's summarize your knowledge and clearly define their point of view in this aspect of the world.
Determine their attitude to the world and the events occurring in it. The attitude may be pessimistic, realistic or adequate. If the pessimistic variant, or too realistic, try to argue in favor of what is happening realistic or moderate optimistic scenario.
Consider yourself from the point of view of society, find their place in life. Define the dream of his life, think how it can be done.
Now, after answering all the questions, you will be easy to change their world for the better. Analyze the events, explain them to yourself from his point of view, to adequately represent the structure of the modern world. This could be the case of science or religion, as long as they meet your new Outlook.
Find the proper conditions of motivation, in order to raise their self-esteem, and set a higher goal, but definitely achievable in life. This can be achieved through various life-affirming psychological training or companionship. Defining their place and purpose in life, your Outlook will improve, which will inevitably raise the standard of living in General.