Clearing the site for the Foundation of the future garage. Dig 4 corner holes and 2 in the center of the side walls, add for every 5 – 10 cm of gravel and sand, tamp and pour the solution. Pay special attention to the uniformity of height of Foundation in all the pits. Use the thread level.
Set yourself a garage. First of all, make a frame house. On the Foundation put the guide bar, which is best done from durable species of trees, such as larch. Guide bar will also prevent the processes of decay and will serve as waterproofing. In order to improve the moisture resistance of the timber, cover it with a solution of tar. During Assembly of the frame of the garagewith special attention to the ribs and to the places where will be attached the gates. Saturate the frame of the garageand antiseptics (for example, "Texturology"). If you are planning a garage just for the warm season, making it entirely from timber not necessarily. Panel just made a frame with siding, and the inside – any finishing material that you like. If you make a garage from a bar, then soaked in antiseptic on it. In order to further improve the moisture resistance garageand pour half the concrete, and on top, lay the wooden flooring.
The most simple variant of the roof – the roof of roofing material. Just cover the garage on top of this material, making a small tilt to drain water, and does not linger on the snow. In more complex variants it is possible to do roof with pitched and covered with slate or tiles. If you wish to the garage, you can do the technical room, but note that in this case you will need to fill more complex in structure and a solid Foundation (one part) and to prepare inspection pit. However, inspection pit can be done in a simple version of garagea: to dig in the centre of the prepared site, the walls to coat with clay floors and pour concrete.