You will need
  • - cement;
  • - sand;
  • water;
  • - fittings;
  • - gravel;
  • - concrete slab;
  • - bricks;
  • - cinder blocks;
  • - keramzitobeton;
  • Board;
  • - slate;
  • - galvanized sheet;
  • tools.
Clear the area under the garage, about 6x4 meters. As a Foundation, use ready-made concrete slab or pour monolithic floors. To do this, make a mold, fill with gravel and lay the reinforcing bars. In a mixer mix the cement-sand mixture and pour inside the formwork to the middle. After drying, lay the floor with rebar, mix and pour the final layer, smooth out carefully.
If it is not possible to make a concrete floor, just sprinkle on the floor a layer of sand and gravel, tamp. On this floor the car also will feel happy, and to make a concrete floor can be at any moment.
To make the support poles, dig the pit to the depth of soil freezing and pour several centimeters of cement-sand mixture. When the mixture hardens, install the post and secure it in the upright position, pour a new portion of the mixture.
Raise your garage wall, made of cinder blocks, keramzitobetona, brick or other material. You can also make the walls of conventional siding or boards or sheathing garage metal sheets – it all depends on your requirements for frost resistance, fire safety, burglar resistance up, etc.
When the walls of the garage will be ready, build a truss system, make a crate and cover the roof with any roofing material such as slate, roofing material, galvanized sheet, etc. keep in Mind, if there is a house covered with expensive tile, garage with a galvanized roof can spoil all the impression of your site.
To build cheaply garage, make the gate itself. Measure the width and height of the gate, made of timber collect the woodwork. Then the gate panel Board thickness of 40 mm, top upholster is additionally galvanized sheet. Make the door frame from the metal bracket, then secure the gate on hinges.