For those who keeps up with the times. Some companies undertake to make your phone individual and unusual. For this you need only on their website to choose any picture, then make a request via Internet to transfer your cell phone or just a case company representative. Basic working time is one week. The image on the case is applied by hand by artist-airbrush, covered with special protective varnish, which does not blur the picture for several years. The undoubted advantage is the warranty, which gives the company.
A long and beautiful figure can also be put on the phone yourself. Take acrylic paint, as they are more stable, not distorted by water, and the figure is more three-dimensional. Choose two shades of Golden color, for example. Also use a brush (No. 2 or No. 3), medical alcohol as a solvent, a protective varnish for acrylic and soft brush for him, stained contour (pencil, not allowing the paint to flow) and a bit of fabric better than cotton.
So, let's start. To start draw on paper the workpiece. Moistened cloth with alcohol, wipe the phoneto degrease its surface. Drawing with the sketch copied to the body of the phone. Contours better to plan in pencil and then trace the main details. Now take the glass again and outline outline outline. Then turn fantasy and make smears of paint. Did not happen the first time the pattern is easily washed off with alcohol, so don't worry. Brush better often wipe with a cloth to avoid the merge of colors.
When the image is ready, secure it with a special varnish. By the way, unlike acrylic protective lacquer dries much longer. So it is better to leave the phone to dry overnight.
If you think that one picture isn't enough, you can use instant glue to attach the rhinestones or beads. The main thing - do not overdo the decoration, otherwise the entire creative ideas will turn into something blurry and unclear. Making an exclusive figure with their hands, you get the guarantee that your phone the one and only.