You will need
  • Mobile phone with Internet access.
Leave in the Internet, open the page with any search engine (Yandex, Google or any other). Next, enter in a search engine query: "crop ringtones in phone" or other similar phrases.
Select a program to cropping. Remember that your chosen software should be supported by your phone model.
How to trim <strong>ringtones</strong> <b>phone</b>
Download a special program to work with music (mp3 etc.) tracks. With the help of it you'll trim the melody (or melodies). Install the software on your mobile phone. To do this, select program file and click "Install".
Wait until all the files are installed on your mobile phone. Now you can run the program. Using the installed software, open the song you want to trim. Wait until the file ringtones will open. It may take some time.
Select the piece of the melodythat you want to cut. Remember that when the melody is re-saved in the short version, you will not be able to recover the full version of the melody. Listen carefully to the selected text. Make sure that this is the piece of music that you want to cut. Click on the "Crop" (in the name of this button may vary).
Save the ringtone in the phone memory (or memory card). It would be better if you are will immediately substitute the complete file of a music track on the circumcised, because, unfortunately, clipped the melody is not always saved successfully.