Flowers comprise the variety of flower shops for the best safety handle chemical reagents. To get viable cuttings from these colors difficult. More chances to root a cutting, just cut from the Bush in a special greenhouse-nursery or at least a neighbor across the garden.
For cuttings, select a portion of the stem length of 10-15 cm, on which there are three quite developed kidneys. The lower section made directly under the kidney or on 1/3 of the distance to the next kidneys, located below the stem. The upper section is at a distance of 2-3 mm above the top Bud. Themselves cuts should be slant and have an angle of approximately 45 degrees.
If you do not have the special tool, as a tool for cutting you can use a pocket knife – it's thin and sharp as a razor. Scissors better not to use. They also, cut, and even squeeze the handle, damaging it. To prevent rotting of the leaves located in the lower part of the cutting are removed, and large upper leaves cut in half, so they evaporated less moisture.
The upper edge sear it with potassium permanganate or brilliant green. Cut the stalk for a few seconds, placed in a growth factor of the lower cut. This treatment will help the rooting process and also will contribute to the development of a strong root system. Flower shops has a wide range of growth stimulants: beta-indole butyric acid, Alma-nattrassia acid, heteroauxin and other. However, you can use and proven home remedy is aloe Vera juice. Aloe juice is obtained from adult plants older than 3 years. The plant is no longer watered and a week later cut a few leaves. The leaves stand in the refrigerator for two weeks. Then from the leaves to squeeze juice. Stalk of rosesyou placed in a natural growth stimulant for 10-12 hours.