The first thing you need to clean the injury. If the wound is not heavily contaminated, you can simply rinse it under running water. If contaminated, the risk of infection, so it is better if you will wash away the dirt with a soap solution.
Normally, when abrasion is not heavy bleeding, but if it has arisen, it is necessary to impose a pressure bandage in order to stop him. To do this, put a sterile gauze on the affected area and bandage it.
Abrasion will heal faster if you maintain it moist. To do this several times a day to make local hot baths. If in water, add sea salt, healing will occur much faster, although the first treatment will be quite painful. Try to avoid the appearance of a thick dry crust on the wound is not the best way affects the speed of healing.
In the case of poor healing that can handle the abrasion antibacterial agents, for example, ointment "Neosporin" or "Baktin". If these drugs you are allergic, consult your doctor for the selection of a suitable tool.
You can put it on an abrasion patch. This will prevent the formation of solid sores.
Ensure that the abrasion does not get infected. If you don't undergo swelling and redness, or the wound begins to fester, better to see a doctor. Also the reason for medical consultations are abrasions on the face. As a rule, they heal worse and can leave ugly scars. To avoid such complications it is better to entrust the care of a specialist.