You will need
  • advance application on form No. 1
  • -application form No. 2
  • -statement on form No. 3
  • -decision on the provision in the form No. 4
  • -certificate of family composition
  • -certificate of residence of all family members (over 10 years)
  • -a certificate stating that the family needs improvement of living conditions or has no housing (for 5 years)
  • -passport and birth certificate (all family members)
  • -marriage certificate (divorce, death, certificate single mothers)
  • -proof of income (all family members)
  • -the estimated expense per family member
  • the list of additional documents
In turn can put the poor citizens who need better housing conditions or not have housing at all. To improve the conditions require that people whose living space does not meet the standards for accommodation of one person. Norms are regulated in each subject of the Russian Federation.
Subsidies for the construction or acquisition of own habitation are issued to citizens from among the waiting list according to the preliminary statement, which takes an adult family member on behalf of all in the form of number 1. You must also submit the documents specified in this form.
Pre-application review created the Commission and within one month send a written response to the applicant. If the application is approved, you should apply for the granting of subsidies in form No. 2.
Subsidy, like housing, is available on the queue. Therefore, after the filing of the main application and all documents of the applicant and his family members put on the waiting list to receive subsidies. With the queue for housing applicants will automatically be removed.
If the subsidy is granted, you must complete an application in form No. 3 and to attach the list of documents specified in this form.
The decision on granting subsidy issued in form No. 4. Cash provided by cashless payment by transfer of the purchased building materials. After providing grants building materials must be purchased within 6 months. If during the period grant funds are not used, they are lost and to receive grants must submit a list of all the applications and documents again.