You will need
    • pork easy
    • the liver birds
    • onions
    • soy sauce
    • carrots
    • mustard
    • spices
    • eggs
    • green peas
    • mayonnaise
    • greens.
Clean pig's lung from all the excess. Rinse thoroughly.
Soak in water for two hours. Repair film. Wash. Cover with cold water, add one onion and put on fire. Cooking time is 2.5 hours. More slight salt and cook for another half an hour.
Finished pork lung slice, pour the sauce from the pan, garnish with greens. As a garnish you can cook the potatoes.
Special taste has a salad with pork lung. Easy to cook, and cut into cubes. Add pre-spasserovannye carrots and onions. The number of light should be twice more than frying.
Soy sauce, dilute with a dining mustard. Season the salad. Optionally, the gas station, you can add one tablespoon of French mustard. This will make the salad more flavor.
Rice, pasta, potatoes and buckwheat porridge can be cooked zazharku. Boil pork and beef lung. Cut into pieces. Also chop the liver birds.
Components fry gently in a little oil or butter with the addition of onions. Onions should be cut into rings. When the liver with onions formed Golden brown, add the broth, pepper, salt, Bay leaf and allspice. Simmer until the dish is completely cooked. Also on the taste, you can add your favorite spices.
For the salad: boil 0.5 kg of pork lung and finely chop. Boil three eggs. In oil saute one medium chopped onion. Eggs are also cut.
Fold the ingredients in the bowl. Add green peas or corn. Add salt, pepper. Season with mayonnaise and mix thoroughly. On top decorate with chopped herbs.