The thing for dolls, especially Barbie, are high cost. In addition, the range of shops is not wide - glamorous all pink and shiny, how much there is to develop the sense of style of the baby! You can help your doll to always be in trend and wave of fashion - sewing clothes themselves. It is not so difficult, the main thing - to understand the formation of patterns. Patterns in a huge number you can find on the Internet. Lately there is a lot of dolls similar to Barbie, but with different settings. So, after downloading the pattern, take the time to sew clothes from from good fabric, try to sew a piece of calico or other cheap cotton material. After trying on will see the weaknesses of the patterns, which you will be able to make adjustments.
How to dress Barbie
The most important aspect is the choice of fabric. Details doll clothes are very small, so the fabric does not need to slide, to disperse or have too crumbling edge. Avoid fabrics such as satin, silk, organza. Prefer flax, denim, Jersey, cotton, calico, calico, fleece. In specialized stores you can even buy the appropriate hardware, a small zip and buttons. However, it is possible to show imagination - buttons can be small beads, and instead of a zipper you can sew a piece of Velcro or a button of zero size.
How to dress Barbie
When starting to sew, select a model. Build a pattern, or download from the Internet. Cutting fabrics. Do not forget about seam and on the clasp. Start smatyvay all threads. Periodically try on the doll, turning the suit inside out. Directly on it you can do tucks and folds, trim off the excess material. Remember to iron the entire item and the seams in particular - it will make them more soft, and the costume more tidy.
Shoes and accessories for Barbie you can make out of plastics for roasting. Mash the plastic of the appropriate color in the hands, right at the foot of the doll form the Shoe. In order to create the effect of the skin without removing a few times to push the plastics surface is crumpled foil. Carefully remove the Shoe and place it in the oven, preheated to a temperature of 120 C. for 20-30 minutes. After cooling the shoes will harden and can then be varnished.
How to dress Barbie