You will need
  • Registration numbers icq.
To obtain a login and password can be used 2 ways: formally (through the registration on the official website) and informally (receiving, earning or buying cherished number plates). The second way to get a room much more difficult. As a rule, in this case, the icq number you can anyone to donate, but also you can win on site entertainment themes.
On the game website every Friday is giveaway semiznakov (number consists of 7 digits), the gifts are distributed only 222, 444 and 555 users that will leave any comments. Cheating here and there to "ICQ" you can, spending their own time and using luck. Detonation in that room was bought, such promotions are held to attract and encourage repeat visitors. In the end you get the username and password of your new number via e-mail.
But don't have to be lucky to get a room that you can register, however, you will receive not semiznak, most likely it will be a standard and ugly to say. To do this, follow the link and fill in the registration form. Enter your name, password, date of birth and digits from the image (captcha). To complete registration, please press the button yellow.
On the download page, you will see a button, clicking on which you will be on the page of your mail client. In your mailbox, click new message. The body of the letter will be provided instructions on how to complete the process of obtaining a usernameand password. Click the link "To complete the registration process please click the link".
On the page "Registration to ICQ successfully completed" click "Start ICQ". If after clicking this button nothing happens, hence you do not have ICQ-client. To install it, download this program via the following link