Look at the tail of the adult turtle. In males it is longer and larger than females.
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Look your pet in the eye. The males of freshwater turtles, as a rule, have eyes of a hazel hue, and females have yellow eyes.
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Well look at the ventral side of the carapace – plastron. Males have a more concave plastron, and a pronounced femoral spurs. Using this form of male tortoises mating is easier to stay on the body of the female. In females the plastron is flat in shape. That is, if your turtle's concave belly is a male, if the belly is flat or convex – female.
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Take a close look at the cloaca of the animal. In males it looks like longitudinal stripe, the females also have the shape of a star.
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Pay attention to the shape of the shell. In males it is from the tail strongly bent to the ground, and the tail is long and completely hidden by the carapace. Of females the tail is short and is on the outside of the shell.
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Examine the shell of your turtle. Females trionics often visible on the carapace pronounced tubercles, and in males they are gradually disappearing with age, and their carapace becomes smooth.
Pick up the animal and examine the foot. Claws of male turtles is much longer than the females.
Observe the behavior of the turtles. It can also help you in sexing your pet. Males usually have aggressive and active behavior, they often bite the opponents legs, trying to climb on the females attacked the other dogs. Very often you can see how Mature the male is trying to turn another male upside down. Adult males also characterized by upward and downward motion of the head. In females, such behavior is not observed.
If you keep multiple turtles at the same time, visually compare their sizes. As a rule, most terrestrial species of turtles adult females much more than adult males.