You will need
    • 1 kg of honeysuckle
    • 1 kg of sugar
    • 1 Cup boiling water
Carefully sort, wash and dry berries.
Boiling water pour the sugar and to the extent possible, dissolve it in water.
Pour sugar syrup in a pan lined with honeysuckle and leave to infuse for 4-8 hours to berries gave the juice. It is advisable to leave the berries in sugar overnight.
Present a lot put on the fire as soon as the berries begin to boil, make a slow fire and cook for 5 minutes, skimming until sugar is dissolved.
Then turn off the oven and leave the berries in the syrup for 6-8 hours. They thus infused and soaked in sugar syrup.
Then again, put half the jam on the stove and simmer for 10 minutes over low heat with the moment of boiling. During cooking, regularly stir the berries and remove the foam.
Sterilize jars and hot jam lay on the banks. If you are going to store the jam all winter, add 2 g of citric acid.
Banks close the plastic lid. The cooled jam store in the refrigerator or in a vegetable pit.
Enjoy your tea!