If you have any of the above situation, don't just stand there – go for it! There are several search options. First, you can read the phonebook of Israel in the Russian language, if you speak Hebrew – even better, look in the appropriate directory too. Perhaps your lost didn't change the name and you'll get lucky.
Second, if the wanted man had gone prior to 1988, your request to address Jerusalem, p/I 92 (A) dry, Israel (Sokhnut P. O. B. 92 (A), Jerusalem, Israel), if after the 1988 request to the Ministry of immigrant absorption: the city of Jerusalem, the Kyrie, Ave Kaplan, D. 2 (Misrad Haklita, Caplan str., Kiriya, Jerusalem, Israel).
Similarly, you can work through the Embassy of the state of Israel. In this case you need to send to Consulate request on wanted person, the documents confirming the kinship with him and the document certifying your identity (passport). This service is provided free of charge.
And already quite desperate to find it may be advisable to turn to the private detective. Individual professional approach to the case, full coordination and the involvement of the personal loopholes and connections – essential properties inherent in this investigation.
And remember, who seeks will always find!