Buy pills from cough. This is an inexpensive, time-tested, antitussive, contain codeine, licorice root and other active components. Tablets cough are similar to known drugs, "Codelac", but still compares favorably to him.
Take pills from a cough, if you are concerned about painful dry or wet, but very frequent cough. The codeine part of the drug acts on the cough center in the brain, thereby inhibiting the cough reflex.
Drink one tablet medication three times a day. If the cough bothers only at night, it will be enough a single dose of medication before bedtime. Small children are not recommended this drug because of the inconvenient method of production. If you decide to give the baby pills from cough, you should consult with a pediatrician and treated under his supervision.
Don't take pills from a cough longer than a week and a half. The drug can be addictive, so if the treatment is not helping, you should consult with a specialist. May need a different treatment strategy and a different drug.
Read contraindications to taking the medicine. If you have bronchial asthma or respiratory failure, the drug may harm. The pills from coughing is also not recommended for pregnant and lactating women. Codeine, which is one of the main components, crosses placenta and in breast milk.
Watch the reaction of your organism to the medication. In rare cases, patients concerned about the nausea caused by the individual intolerance of the drug. Also sometimes the tablets from cough cause an allergic reaction, which manifested pruritus and urticaria.