You will need
  • - flower pot;
  • - the ground;
  • - expanded clay for drainage;
  • lake;
  • - the spray gun;
  • - humidifier.
It is best to transplant the Croton spring. Make sure that the plant that you are going to transplant, healthy. Diseased Croton, most likely, will not take a transplant and die.
Prepare the soil. It should consist of one part coarse river sand, two parts leaf soil and one part humus. If the plant is grown and formed, the number of leaf can be increased (1:3:1). Well spill the soil with a weak solution of potassium permanganate, and then drain again. You can buy ready ground, suitable for the krotons, in a specialty store.
At the bottom of the new pot arrange a good drainage of expanded clay or rocks. Pour the prepared ground. Lightly moisten it, then make the center hole.
Carefully remove the Croton from the container. In any case, don't break soil ball with the root system and do not disassemble the roots. Right so lumpy and transfer the plant into a new pot.
Placing the ball in the indentation that you made in the soil in the new pot, fill the void with earth and slightly push (compress) the soil. Pour the plant.
Provide high humidity for Croton after transplantation. Install a humidifier or sprashivayte it from a spray bottle several times a day. You can put a pot of Croton in a deep pan filled with stones or clay pebbles and add water so that the stones hiding under water by two thirds. The pot of Croton should not touch the water. Wipe the leaves daily, even if your house is spotless. Do this very carefully – Croton doesn't love familiar treatment. Wipe the plant with a soft sponge or cotton pad soaked in water.