Start the control panel of the computer. To do this, open the main menu on the "start" button and select "control Panel".
If you are using Windows operating system 7, the input search query, enter the word "personalize" in the search results, click "Personalize".In Windows Vista the link "Personalize page "appearance and personalization" in control panel.
Click "Change desktop icons" in the left pane of personalization.
If you are using Windows XP, the previous steps it is necessary to replace such a sequence of actions:- right-click the mouse on the empty space on the desktop and select the context menu "Properties";- click on the tab "desktop" and click "customize desktop".
Click the icon "recycle Bin (full) or recycle Bin (empty)" in the list of shortcuts on the desktop and click "Change". Window opens look for an icon to replace the selected image basket. Icons can be extracted from the library files with the extension. dll or. EXE files with. exe extension. In addition, there is a type of file specifically designed to store images icons. It has the extension ico and unlike. exe and. dll only contains one image.
Locate in your computer the image to replace the selected icon and click OK. Repeat this for the second icon to the recycle bin, if you want to change both labels.
There is another way to change the icon of recycle bin on the desktop. Is it the change of theme - in this case will be replaced all icons are provided in a new topic, including the basket. However this is not possible in any operating system - for example, Windows 7 "Starter" has no such option.