Rule paroetine walls should harmonize with the colors of the furniture, window frames, doors, and, of course, sex. Because the color of the walls should be choose after the furniture was bought, inserted jambs, frames, laid covering on the floor. If you have the room is of natural parquet or laminate you should choose for walls beige tones. If the flooring has a grey color – is desirable as-that to beat a shade of grey to cover the walls. This can be done by selecting bluish - or greenish-gray "calm" Wallpapers or paint.
Rule staroriginal to paint the walls in one room different colors. This creates psychological discomfort.At the same time, it is acceptable to use several shades of one color. If in the adjoining rooms the walls a different colorand it is advisable to stand them in the same range (for example, light orange and Golden sand). This method "collect" the space of the house together.
Rule chretienne should use bright saturated colors for areas where people spend a lot of time (e.g., kitchen) or rooms designed for relaxation. Bright shades, of course, raise the spirits, but their constant presence tiring and annoying. And the bedroom is a cheerful orange colorand just impossible to sleep.
Rule cheverton using paint you can visually adjust volume, height, width, and even the geometry of space. Light colors will make the room wider, darker more compact.
Rule pateev room facing the window to the South, it is customary to use a bluish, sea-green and other cool shades. The rooms with Windows to the North shows all the shades of warm beige and Golden scales. Generally, there is a conditional division into warm and cold color. Using the first (which include shades of red) makes the room more warm (of course, visually), using a second (these include shades of blue) – immerses the room cool.
Rule restore should use for painting the walls the colorthat psychologists believe the colorAMI aggression – scarlet, red, Burgundy. You should refrain from cold shades of blue, purple. Generally, choosing the color of walls for apartments, you need to refrain from using too intense pure colors. After all, the walls must create a background for the interior, and because their design is better to choose soft, light and not overly saturated colors.