You will need
  • Cardboard (thick paper), newspaper, PVA glue, tape, fabric, iron, brush, ink, ink pad, paper for decoration
Of cardboard or heavy paper should be cut all the pieces for future boxes (bottom + 4 walls + cover).
Then we need to stick to the bottom of the side wall. The end should stick to
the bottom and sides of the box. Inside the box can be strengthened with masking tape or Kraftpaper. To the frame attached cover: PVA glued a small piece of tissue that connects
the box and cover. All this should warm iron. If I attach the fabric with the outside, the cover will lie perfectly smooth and even, but it will be more difficult to access.
How to paste <b>box</b> <strong>paper</strong>
You can draw a box with pieces of Newspapers of different sizes. The paper is also glued to the PVA:
in this case, the newspaper is not falling apart or spreading. Pieces of paper are glued tightly to one another.
To give the box originality newsprint can be used to age. This will require any ink, ink pad and brush. Need to darken the edges and corners and a couple of times lightly go across the surface of the "newspaper" boxes.
How to paste <b>box</b> <strong>paper</strong>
You can paste over a box of paper and another method. You should first measure the length of all four sides of the box, and then cut a strip of designer paper a little longer and 2 — 4 inches wider than the height of the sides. The edge of the strip must bend for the entire length on both sides so that its width was equal to the height of the box. This strip should be pasted all sides, leaving free edges on top and bottom. At the corners of the edges needed to make the cut (cut corners). Then the top strip needs to be turned inside the box and glued to the sides with the back side and bottom of the strip to stick to the bottom. For pasting on the inside of the box should draw on the paper pattern of the bottom and sides, reducing their height by 2-3 millimeter.
How to paste <b>box</b> <strong>paper</strong>