On the one hand, the profession of psychologist in our country does not seem neither popular nor highly paid, because not so many people are turning to psychologistM. However, in large cities, almost every psychologist will be able to find clients and to open your office.
Business of the psychologist is good for its flexibility and neutrataste. All you need is:
1. a room with a couch for psychoanalysis (if you are working in this direction), chair, Desk, etc. At first it will fit your apartment.
2. the website and advertising to attract customers.
3. registration in the form of an individual entrepreneur.
The hardest thing for an aspiring psychologist is, of course, attract customers. Think about the areas of psychology in which you are strongest, and suppose some of them will be in greatest demand. Maybe family psychology? Psychoanalysis? Gestalttherapie? In this area you need to focus on your website and in your advertising.
Advertising for a psychologist is, of course, first of all, good recommendations and word of mouth. However, a good service will serve and simple but informative site. In addition, on the Internet you can always place ads on free announcement boards and social networks. In short advertising texts focus on the challenges, what do you think, you should often contact. It is no secret that many people especially trying to find answers to their questions online. Link to you can help them get more qualified advice.
It is NOT necessary to offer high prices for consultations, but not worth dumping: an aspiring psychologist does the same thing and not very competent psychologist. Excessively low price can alert your potential customers.