You will need
  • Glass jar, saucepan, salt, water
Pour in the required amount of kerosene in a suitable size glass jar so that there came the same hot water. So, if you are using 1 liter of kerosene, it is necessary to add one liter of hot water, which will fit a three-liter jar.
Close the jar tight lid and shake for two to three minutes. Periodically open the lid to remove the excess pressure. Then let the liquid a bit to settle, then carefully pour the top layer, which is a purified kerosene. When emptying kerosene try not to capture the resulting flakes on the border of liquids.
To implement the second method of purification of kerosene needed salt. In thoroughly washed glass jar, pour three tablespoons of fine salt. In bottle opening insert the plastic funnel, which put a tightly rolled piece of cotton wool (suit and gauze, folded in several layers).
Through the filter, pour in a jar of kerosene. Now prepare a deep pot, on the bottom place the stand. This stand put a jar of salt and kerosene. The water level in the pan should be higher than the level of kerosene in the Bank. The neck of the banks leave it open and put the whole structure on a slow fire.
The kerosene soak on this water bath for half an hour from the moment of boiling water. Salt of the described method is used for quality cleaning of kerosene, because it absorbs the harmful substances contained in it. Be prudent, spend cleaning outdoors to prevent the spread in the room the strong smell of kerosene.
An hour and a half carefully remove the jar from the water not to disturb the bottom salt. Drain the kerosene into a container of dark glass. Suitable and conventional Bank, wrapped in a thick dark paper. To store purified kerosene is recommended in a dark place for a year.