You will need
  • small watch vise, hook, feather
How to make a fly – moth. Hook No. 6 or 8 long shank bend in the middle, tip down. Use the vise. Silk floss or thread beginning from the middle, fasten before reaching the loops of 1.5 or 1 mm.
Under the first witucki put the spine from a large feather and flight feathers, and even white. But first wipe it with a cloth. If the pen is not, it is possible to take the hair of the animal. If you want to make fly in the "wet" form, it is white thread soaked in glue.
Take the glue BF – 2. From a piece of white pen do the villi – frill. Tie these fibers with a thread of pale yellow or yellow – green. Thread crop is not necessary, they make the head fly. Two small pen of white glue on the sides and tie with string. Tie them at an angle to the body 60-80 degrees.
Moths or moth doing on a hook No. 5 or 8, with the shank of medium length. Again, the use of hooks, forged, Nickel. On the hook wrap gray or brown thread, glue them with glue.
Pick up a fluffy, light brown thread and wrap it tightly, as if making the abdomen of the moth or the moth. Head make the size about 2 mm of brown embroidery floss. The same thread tape the wings. The color of wings and body the same. If no color pen, color white. Here's how you can make the most simple flies.
To assign the leash on the fly using the trapping site. Take the end of your fishing line and thread it through the ring that is on the carbine spinners. Then ring carbine make 4-3 of circulation, and the end of the line get between the coils and the ring of the carbine.
Pull apart the main line and its end, thus delaying the resulting Assembly. This unit reduces the gap of the fishing line. Good fishing to you!