Advice 1: How to soak beans

Beans – an excellent substantial product, from which prepare lobio, soups, sauces and salads. Some recipes require the addition of canned beans, but often it is dried beans, which should be well soaked before cooking. There are three ways to soak beans: long, rapid method and instant method of cooking.
How to soak beans
Prolonged soaking
This is the most common and generally accepted method to soften the beans before cooking. Pour the desired quantity of beans in a deep bowl or saucepan and pour cool water on three fingers above the level of the beans. Leave it like this for 8-12 hours, e.g., overnight. Long soaking of the beans actually promotes germination, and it can significantly reduce the likelihood of gas in the body after its consumption.
Quick soaking
This method allows to reduce the process of soaking beans to 1-2 hours. Pour into the pan of water and put on fire, bring water to a boil. Add the beans and let it simmer for three minutes. Remove beans from heat and let stand in hot water for 1-2 hours.
Instant cooking
Undoubtedly, red and white kidney beans most likely will require at least the Express-method of soaking. However, there are recipes and kinds of beans that go without soaking. For example, asparagus or green beans you can just throw in soup or sauce. If you boil a soup bone, you can red or white kidney beans immediately send in a saucepan with the bone cooking for 3-4 hours. That will be quite enough to obtain a good meat broth and boil nezamechena beans.
Useful advice
Try not to leave the beans soaked in the view longer than 24 hours. If the beans soaked in water longer than a day, it can begin the fermentation, but it will significantly reduce its quality and flavor after cooking.

When soaking the beans in cold unboiled water, monitor water quality, it is better to use distilled water. Otherwise, salts and chemical elements penetrate the beans and will prevent her cooking, making it brittle and hard.

Instead of water for soaking the beans will suit any beer. A special taste from the beer will give the beans an interesting shade, perfect for lobio.

Soaked beans should start to cook in cold water over low heat, without disturbing, and no salting ahead of time. Bean soup and mashed potatoes and did add salt after cooking food.

Advice 2: How to cook beans

Beans - the most capricious plant of the legume family. In this case, it is used in cuisines of almost all the peoples of the world, making her the side dishes, soups, use in salads. And no wonder: beans contain a lot of nutrients required by man, plus it is a great source of protein and amino acids. With preparation of green pods, and immature beans a lot of time to spend. But to cooked red or white kidney beans get soft and crumbly, you need to know some givers.
Varieties of beans differ in shape and color.
You will need
    • 250 g beans
    • 4 liters of water
Sort through the beans, to clean it from possible impurities and loses its form bean. Rinse selected grains in a colander under cold water.
To start the long process of soaking the beans. Ideally it should take 12 hours. Every 3 hours you need to change the cold water, and beans every time and even rinse. After soaking the beans should double in size and become the most convenient for cooking. In addition, soaked beans in water to dissolve the oligosaccharides - substances that cause the human body gas.
For cooking beans, take a large pot (at the rate of 2 liters of water 250 g of beans). Water bring to a boil. To put there the beans, cook for her, away from direct sunlight, 15 minutes. To drain the water. Beans rinsed. Again fill it with new water to cover the grain. Bring to boil, then put on the smallest fire. Cover the pan with a lid and cook for 1, 5 hours until fully cooked. Add salt only when the pot of beans removed from the plate.
When cooked, the beans lose their beneficial properties.
Useful advice
Soak the beans need to cool (but not boiled water). And the water should be soft, without salt, otherwise the salt will penetrate the beans and then would interfere with her cooking.

When cooked the water should barely cover the top pour in a pot of beans. The fire on the stove should be small. Beans while cooking does not need to interfere.

Salt the beans only after its full completion or final cooked the dish in which it is included.

In a dish of bean you want to add onions, tomatoes, thyme.
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