You will need
  • patience and desire
First of all, make sure that you've decided to "engage" with the game. If not, you can read more item No. 1.
Be aware of your illness. It is a disease that is listed in the International classification of diseases. You need to clearly, without allegories, to say: "I am a compulsive gambler. I'm sick. I want to be treated".
Then you must be aware that no fortune-tellers, sorcerers, wizards and mages can't help you. Gambling is does not damage or the evil eye. Charlatans just gonna gut your pocket completely. You need to understand that treatment of gambling must occur in the complex, which involved at least three people – the patient, doctor and close people.
Of course, without the help of an experienced specialist can not do. How do you know that the doctor to whom you applied, a good specialist? First of all, he will not promise mountains of gold, but warned that much work. Also he will find reasons for gambling. Because it does not arise out of nowhere and all in a row. Any addiction is the withdrawal from reality. So this will help you figure out the doctor.
The specialist will prescribe the therapy, which you will have to consistently follow. It could be group therapy or individual. You may be prescribed any medications. At this point and need the support of loved ones.
After treatment, you have to remember – ex-gamers do not exist. In any case do not push yourself into a relapse, and not even play cards! Also remember that people who are prone to addiction can find a new object of desire. To gamers did not become, for example, in the alcoholic, think about what can bring you joy in real life.