You will need
  • You'll need two to three rolls of any Wallpaper, cord or length of rope, lots of boxes from corrugated Board and five litres of PVA glue. You will also need a dummy knife, long ruler, tape measure, scissors, awl, broad brush and cloth.
Determine what height is your screen – it depends on your height and the type of dolls. Doll should rise above the screen two-thirds of its height, and you should not experience difficulties raising above the screen arm. You should not be seen from behind the screen in accordance with this rule match her height.
Cut cardboard boxes into sheets and install them from the front of the screen. Below the screen is not deformed, glue several layers of corrugated cardboard, then the design will be lasting and sustainable.
Place the cardboard sheets butt-welded to the corrugated strip moving in the same direction. The next layer, place the cardboard so that the corrugation stripes came across the previous one. This will give the design more strength. Glue leaves, fluff them with white glue and pressing them to each other. All you should have three or four layers of cardboard sheets.
Glue four-layer cardboard plate, put it on the floor and walk on it in shoes with flat soles to flatten the surface of the plate. Lift the stove off the floor the next day only after the complete drying of the adhesive. Having made the front side of the screen, move on to making the sides and bumpers.
The folds of the cardboard for fastening one of the sheets with the other make a single layer. The upper arch of the screen is also manufactured from three-layer cardboard and let dry. Then fabricate a rear wall of the cover for fastening decorations and fasteners along the sides of the screen.
After all of the detail screens (front apron, rear and side) is dry, start the Assembly. Connection proclivity glue, but flash large stitches with the awl and durable lace. Place the holes for the firmware far enough apart not to tear the cardboard.
Secure both side panels, then fold the cover flaps inside and fix the joints. Glue fold screen with Wallpaper or colored paper, both inside and outside. Choose for pasting the not-too-bright Wallpaper on which the picture is not very pronounced – this is to ensure that the Wallpaper doesn't distract attention from what is happening on stage.
After drying decorate the edges of window screens Wallpaper border. A rear wall screen glue white paper or wall-paper, upside down wrong side up. Put the screen vertically after drying and determine how its sustainable design.