A miniature device in a matter of minutes, it scans, recognizes and saves the image with the negatives to jpeg, tiff and other formats. Usually, it comes bundled with Photoshop and other drivers.USB scanner is a small device that works via a USB port and is designed to "digitize" photographs with negatives. With one click you can download to computer color image with a resolution of 5 megapixels. To the USB scanner also comes with special software to adjust the colors in the picture.
Just connect the USB scanner to the computer and configure the parameters according to the instructions. Depending on the frequency of use of the system options it is recommended to connect modularly or integrally. If you plan to use the scanner so often, or just value your computer resources use modular connection, because the driver support will be included only when necessary.
Check out the recording on the connected device. When the scanner is normally detected by your system, you can start working with it.Now you can conveniently store your old photos in the computer to create pictures in a new capacity, because they represent significant life events and places where you once visited.