You will need
    • Ripe bananas
    • Lemon juice
    • Oven
    • Dehydrator
Valueneutral selected bananas are peeled and cut the fruit up and down. Slices are placed on a brass sheets and sent to languish at a low temperature in a furnace with charcoal. In the process of drying bananas lose a greater percentage of moisture and much reduced in size. Bananas are considered to be ready when their color became dark brown.
Drying synteesi weather conditions permit, you can dry bananas directly under the rays of the sun, as do many residents of hot climates. The fruits are cleaned and whole or cut into slices laid on a ventilated surface. Don't forget to cover the fruit with gauze against insects and periodically remove the bananas in partial shade. About the readiness of the product say that appears on the surface of the pieces of white crust of sugar powder.
Banana chips to Make banana chips without oil and fat can home using a conventional oven. The bananas are cut into slices, each slice dipped in lemon juice and placed in a single layer on a baking sheet, previously lined with special paper for the oven (don't forget to make holes in it for better air circulation. Drying bananas need at the lowest temperature, or install the oven in the so-called "ventilation mode". The whole process will take about 10 hours.
Special dryers Now in stores you can easily find dryer for vegetables and fruits, or order online gained considerable popularity dehydrator. The temperature for such drying is the lowest (about 40 degrees) and will occur through circulation of warm air in the unit. Drying by means of such a device is reduced to 6-8 hours.