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  • Internet, Linux, packet driver
Every year Linux is becoming more and more popular and the system itself becomes simpler, more user-oriented. This, of course, affects the process of installing the drivers.
In modern Linux distributions, this process is automated, i.e. the drivers are installed or "out of the box" (immediately after installation), or through a special rpm based system family red hat) or deb (debian) packages. Moreover, some distributions (in particular Ubuntu or Suse) to download and install drivers directly from the control panel packages. The package Manager automatically downloads the required packages and then makes their installation. The only problem that can occur here, it's dependency packages, but with this problem the package Manager cope. The packages can always be downloaded from the network, almost all drivers for Linux are freely distributable. Another option is installing from source. Usually these drivers are shipped with the archive formats, tar.bz2, or tar.gz. This is a common archive is always unpacked standard archiver. Usually the archives are the installation instructions (INSTALL file).
How to install <strong>driver</strong> on linux
For convenience, you can go to the directory with the unpacked program to compile.
In terminal:cd путь_до_директории_с_распакованной_программойпример:
cd install/vim2.5/
Next, run the configuration utility to determine the system configuration and then install:sudo ./configure
Then immediately compile and install the program.
Terminal:sudo make && sudo make installsudo make itself компиляцияsudo make install - installation
&& - binder operator (two steps in one).