In the middle or the end of March, start preparing the seeds for planting with hardening. The easiest and effective way - the impact on the seeds of contrasting temperatures. For this seeds soak between two layers of wet matter at room temperature (18-20oC) for 15-20 hours and then overnight (6-8 hours) place them in the fridge under the freezer, where the temperature 0-2 degrees. Day again take out and soak at room temperature. This procedure is carried out in 10-15 days. Weak seeds this die, but the survivors germinate well, easier to tolerate the cold weather and give higher yields.
To speed up germination, put seeds on a wet tissue or gauze, put in a tray, and cover with one layer of the same fabric. The tissue should be moderately moist, but the seeds should not swim in the water. The tray place in a warm place (25-30 degrees). Stay in all day, the fabric remained wet and did not dry up, what happens quite quickly in warm conditions.Instead of plain water sometimes advised to use rainwater or melt water, and the juice of the plant of aloe or Kalanchoe. For soaking, you can also use a solution of growth stimulator: sodium HUMATE (0,005%, the solution color should resemble beer or weak tea), EPIN-extra or zircon (3-4 drops per 100 ml of water for 5-6 hours).
When the seeds of the tomato will hatch, gently place them on the ground and sprinkle of 0.5–1 cm of soil. The land under the seed should be moist and top is dry, that would be air access to the seedsm tomato. Seeds move carefully so as not to damage the little root. No need to wait when it will germinate all the seeds - they hatch unevenly, and constantly monitor the emergence of new roots and carry these seeds in the ground. Consider a seed germinated ready for planting, if the length of the sprout is the length of the seed.
Some experts recommend before sowing of seeds immersed for 30 minutes immersed in a solution of 1% potassium permanganate for disinfection, after which the seeds of the tomatoes germinated above described method or directly sow in boxes of soil for greenhouses.