If you decided to make the chair yourself, then flight to your imagination is unlimited, but there are some limits and requirements. First of all always material requirements, the most environmentally friendly and safe is, of course, wood.
Further, the size. Stringent standards on the height of the dining table does not exist, the height of the dining table varies from 72 to 76 see Manufacturers for their own particular reasons can make the tables and above and below the specified range. To determine the size of future baby high chairand can be a very simple way. The main quantity that we are interested in is the distance from the seat surface to table surface. The body of a child has in first approximation the same proportions as the body of an adult. Measure the distance from the seat surface to table surface, for example, your favorite chair in the kitchen and knowing your height, you will get a proportion for children's high chair.
Mandatory requirements are the presence of armrests and the lack of high back above the child's head). Desirable requirements are the presence of individual table tops with boards and staff places for glasses, foot rest and seat belt.
The market has a great variety of variety of models of baby high chairs for feeding. Seat the child at the common dining table, starting from the six months when the child learns to confidently sit, his spine will get stronger for the perception of workload and this chair can last you up to three years of age your child.
If you decide to purchase a high chair for a child in the store and you have enough space in the kitchen, look at the chairam on wheels, but with the obligatory presence of the brakes and preferably with all the attributes listed above.