You will need
  • - Thick cardboard or plywood
  • Frame from baguette or metal, or Reiki
  • Glue
  • - Materials for the picture itself
  • - A few small nails
  • - Hammer
  • - Jigsaw or small handsaw
Pick or take a picture. Start with the background. Cut any shape and size piece of cardboard or plywood, prepare the materials. For a picture of straw or dry leaves on the cardboard glue the sheet of colored paper. Paper is better to take velvet, but not necessarily. Set composition. You can come up with something different and you can copy any image. If you make the composition of the leaves, just lay them on the background, try different locations and choose the best. Relief from clay sculpt layer by layer until you get the background of the desired thickness, which is a sketch and volume molded parts. For collage and old photographs need to be adapted to the shape and cut.
Once you have chosen your favorite version of the song, stick the details in the background. Old photos are pasted entirely, and smeared the picture. Of straw can be made more or less large parts of the picture separately and then put them in the overall picture. To do this, cut from heavy paper or cardboard parts of the desired shape and stick them on the straws one by one without gaps. Looks very nice, when the direction of the straws are different in different parts. Relief from plasticine need to paint and varnish.
Pick a frame. A frame of baguette is better to order in the workshop. If the style is more suitable the frame is made of thin slats, you can do it yourself. The heel is cut out of cardboard. He should be a little more of the picture itself. Make a Mat – of the appropriate color cardboard cut out a square the size of the heel, and inside it, the hole for the picture. Cut the slats to size. The angles of the grind from the center out to the edges at a 45° angle and glue the rail in the corner sections. Bend a few small studs and hammer them into the slats from the back so they held him. On the short side should be at least two studs.
Consider how you will hang the picture. Metal frames have special grooves. You can do the same on a wooden frame, and can be pasted in top rail metal loops and hang the picture on the cord or chain.