Advice 1: How to break down fat

A living organism uses fat as an energy source, for good reason, he is part of the cells as an indispensable part of the core and shell. How ingested fat is split, and what is the chemical nature of these transformations? Knowledge of the physiological bases will help each of us to monitor the content of fatin the body, and to some extent control it.
How to break down fat
Fat has a complex structure. It is composed of glycerol and fatacids nye, the most common of which palmitic, oleic and stearic. From their combination in compound with glycerin and depends on the education of that particular fat.
A compound of oleic acid with glycerin forms a liquid fat (vegetable oil). Palmitic acid gives a more solid fat and part butter. Stearic acid is part of the solid fats, for example, fat. Synthesizing the human body specific fatas possible when you receive all three of these fatacids tion.
In the process of vital activity of the organism and, in particular, during digestion the fat is split into its constituent parts – fatnye acids and glycerol. Happens the neutralization of the fattion of acids by alkalis, with the formation of their salts (Soaps) soluble in water and is easily absorbed.
Specifically, the breakdown of fats originates in the stomach. Gastric juice is composed of such a substance as lipase. It splits the fat into glycerin and acid. Dissolution and subsequent absorption of acids is only due to the bile. Bile increases the action of lipase up to 20 times. While glycerine is soluble in water and is well absorbed. It should be borne in mind that the stomach is split only the fat, which is fragmented into small particles (fat of milk, for example). The disintegration of the fatand small particles also contributes to the bile.
Further breakdown fats under the influence of intestinal juice glands occurs in the duodenum. Here they are brought to such state that are absorbed into the blood and lymph. In the small intestine it juice finally breaks down fat into its component products.
Of course, in the organism there are some reserves of fat,and having energy value. On average, a person in the body fat is 10-20% of the weight. In some diseases that violates the metabolism, the content of fatand can reach up to 50% of body weight. The amount deposited and not split fatbut depends on sex, age, occupation, General health. Burning fatand promotes a mobile, active lifestyle.

Advice 2 : What foods effectively burn fat

Fat burning products designed to help lose weight. But keep in mind that they help only when there is a reasonable approach to nutrition. This means that you can't eat a fatty cake and to eat it one of fat-burning foods in the hope that on the belly or on thighs nothing is stored and cellulite will not appear.
What foods effectively burn fat
Including foods that burn fat, in the diet can boost metabolism and help digestion. What kind of product is it?

First and foremost, it is a grapefruit. Lowering insulin levels, it helps the body to delay the fat deposits and excess substances. Grapefruit juice or half fruit after a meal will help to accelerate not only the metabolism but also the metabolism of fats. The body will cleanse itself of toxins, the immune system will be strengthened.

Next on the list is pineapple. He had won fame as a fighter for the slender figure. And all thanks to a special enzyme bromeline. In addition, pineapple is a vitamin and mineral complex, and you don't need to go to the pharmacy. Is it necessary immediately after ingestion, but in any case not on an empty stomach. Also, after the pineapple you need to rinse the mouth, the acid is not had a negative effect on teeth.

Ginger. Burning the warming spice increases blood circulation and improves digestion. After every meal, small enough slices of ginger, and during the day it is advisable to drink ginger tea, especially with lemon and honey.

Include in the diet of cabbage, you can cleanse the body of toxins and replenish vitamins, amino acids and trace elements. Also in the cabbage contains a lot of fiber, and it is like no one better than struggling with excess weight.

Cinnamon helps to make the dream of a flat stomach since to best burn fat on it. It also stabilizes blood sugar, and if he jumps, then there is a wild hunger. Cinnamon in the diet metabolism literally accelerates. Also, this spice suppresses the desire to eat something sweet.

Not my favorite, but a very effective fighter against the hated fat – fuck. Activating digestion, it normalizes bowel function and allows you to Deposit unnecessary fat reserves.

The fruit is exotic and rare, we have on the table – papaya. But if the opportunity to eat there, it must not be squandered. Papaya contains papain – an enzyme that breaks down fats. Also it helps the body metabolize proteins, especially helpful for those who are experiencing the deficit. Like pineapple, papaya to eat immediately after a meal.

Another aide in the fight against fat – green tea. 3-4 cups a day will not only accelerate metabolism, but strengthen the blood vessels and heart.

Advice 3 : 7 ways to force the body to burn fat

In the pursuit of weight loss women drastically change their way of life, a nutrition program and physical activity. This inevitably leads to stress, and the body begins to accumulate fats. Changes must be consistent. What are the ways to speed up metabolism and fat burning?
7 ways to force the body to burn fat

1. Determining your daily calorie intake.

Use the formula for calculation of daily norm of calories consumed. Everyone is the norm of its own, and depends on age, sex, height, weight, and physical activity.

2. Correctly distribute the meals.

Eat smaller portions but more often. It is optimal to eat every 2-4 hours 200-400 calories at a time. In General, the day should be 5 meals.

3. Increase the activity.

Increasing physical activity, you burn calories faster. It is optimal to do for 30-60 minutes 4-6 times a week. If this is not possible, try to move more throughout the day: instead of taking the Elevator use the stairs, Park the car away from home or work, often go for a walk.

4. Train muscles.

The greater your muscle mass, the faster you will burn calories. It is very closely related.

5. A good night's sleep.

Need to sleep at least 8 hours a day. Lack of sleep negatively affects health and leads to feelings of hunger.

6. Eat protein foods and the right carbohydrates.

For the processing of protein foods the body spends more calories. Fast carbs contribute to weight gain. The right carbohydrates are complex carbohydrates that give your body the necessary energy and not deposited in fats. Complex carbohydrates include: cereals, legumes, fruits, vegetables.

7. Drink water.

On the day you need to drink 8-10 glasses of water if you have a large physical activity, it is possible to drink more. Water promotes fat burning and removes from the body toxins.

Following these simple rules, you can accelerate your metabolism and gradually lose weight, while not resorting to drastic measures.

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