Fish from dropperss woven on the bias, and harnesses for her are cut into two parts. Extreme bundles intersect in the middle. Continue to weave fish from three flagella like a simple braid, leaving the edges loose bundles that are not yet included in the work. Consider the technology of weaving in more detail.
To start, take two tubes, dropperss for 40 cm length and cut it along the length with sharp scissors. Starting from the edge and up the middle, cut the tube into thin strips – the thinner the better, and the more prominent will be your fish.
Fold the IVSs in half and staple together. As described above, begin to weave the braid from a long cut along the strips, the longitudinal edges of which are wrapped inside, forming scales of a fish. Put between the flagella of the eye. To make the eyes, cut the tube dropperss along and roll it into a tight spiral.
Insert the eye into the braid, and then continue to weave the braid of the harness droppers, leaving the edges of the several strips for the fins. Gradually narrow the body of the fish towards the tail and closer to the tail thread the strands in a piece of cut tubes from dropperss to fix them.
Print the remaining fringe of the strips to the tail of the fish and curl the edges. You can color the fish brilliant green, iodine and manganese. If painting the fish do not want to use modern medicine droppersAMI of the colored tubes – this will allow you to vary the color of your crafts as you want.