You will need
  • the sheet of paper in the box, pencil
If you experience romantic feelings for someone, but your relationship is just beginning, and you want to look into the future to know what awaits you and your chosen one, this type of divination suits you perfectly. For the so-called "session" you need only two items: a sheet of paper and a pencil. It is best to prepare in advance is not an album sheet, and a notebook in the box.
Write on a piece of paper to place the name of your beloved. The line below write your name and surname. It is better to write in block letters - this will greatly facilitate the process of divination.
Compare names letter by letter. If the letters don't match, skip them if match - out. For example, Olga and Oleg, in this case the letter "o" and "l" need to be scrapped, the rest miss. According to this principle it is necessary to compare all the letters.
The next stage of divination - scheduling. First, look at the name of the subject of divination. The crossed-out letter - symbolizes a step graph, represented by a line connecting the lower left and upper right corner cells of the tetrad sheet. If the letter is not crossed out - line graph repeats the lower side of the cell. Swipe a continuous line in accordance with the resulting combination. You get a line graph of your choice.
The same actions spend with their name. The main thing - to develop both graphics from a single point. In some places the graphics will overlap, others have to match, somewhere will be absolutely parallel.
Line connection speaks of the unity of your life paths, the intersection is about fleeting encounters or relationships, parallel lines say that, unfortunately, however, you not be.