The leaves of this spicy grass abound in essential oils, vapours which when inhaled, irritate the receptors of the nasal cavity and transmit information in the brain, positively affecting the emotional state. In addition, the smell of rosemary helps enhance memory, returns vigor, reduces physical tension, strengthens the nervous system. Also, this spices will be a spicy zest to many dishes. The leaves of the rosemary perfectly complement both fish and meat dishes.

In addition, rosemary perfectly complement your site. Containers with this plant to heighten the flavor you can put next to the gazebo, decorative pond or a bench to relax.

The rosemary is the perfect southern climate, however, if desired, it can be grown in the Central part of Russia. But this spice does not tolerate cold, so in winter months it needs special cover.

Rosemary does not tolerate waterlogged soil, but likes a shady place. Here it is necessary to adhere "Golden mean". If rosemary would stand in a too shady place, it will lead to lowering of the education in its leaves essential oils. The best option is to grow it in containers with really good drainage. If necessary, the potted plant can be moved to locations with optimum light.

Over-watering rosemary can provoke falling of leaves, and the lack of moisture – they are yellowing. You must ensure that the ground under the plant is quite well dried out and was not overly dry.

If we talk about the soil, the rosemary does not tolerate acidic soils. He is fine and growing on calcareous soils with excellent aeration. Good option – rubbly and sandy soils.

Care rosemary comes to the timely tilling of the soil, weed removal and fertilization. In summer, this spice should feed every 15 days mineral fertilizer, particularly nitrogen. Closer to the fall you need to fertilize with a predominance of phosphorus. Rosemary is also in need of pruning. It needs to be in the middle of spring.

By lowering the temperature to 10-12 degrees rosemary requires shelter. Similar to the temperature in the middle zone of Russia is established by the beginning of September, so rosemary is best grown in pots. In winter the plant should be kept indoors at a temperature of 10-13 degrees, otherwise later it will not please flowering.