Advice 1: Mirror writing. What "handwriting of Leonardo"?

Mirror write mirror writing, as psychologists call the phenomenon when a person writes left to right and Vice versa. Moreover, all the letters look like written in mirror image. This feature has another name – "handwriting Leonardo".
Mirror writing. What "handwriting of Leonardo"?

Mirror writing is called the "handwriting of Leonardo" in honor of Leonardo da Vinci. This man was an artist, scientist, sculptor, architect, inventor, etc., Many of his recordings, including the famous diary, was written exactly from right to left and all letters are depicted opposite.

For centuries many have tried to answer the question why da Vinci kept his notes exactly mirrored handwriting? At the moment there are two main theories. The first is that the genius had to hide their notes from the reading. Thus, da Vinci used this method to encrypt their records.

Proponents of the second theory explain this feature records the da Vinci its convenience to the author. Under some assumptions a scientist used to writing left hand. And as proved by latest studies, if you're left-handed, then it is much easier and faster to write the letters in mirror image.

The phenomenon of mirror writing is not rare, and most children, not only left-handed, ranging in age from three till seven years it is possible to observe the spontaneous emergence of "handwriting Leonardo". According to scientists, it is a necessary stage of mastering the skill of writing. But more often, this feature can be seen in people who enjoy writing with my left hand.

Some doctors attribute this phenomenon with mental and physical diseases of the brain. Very often mirror writing occurs in schizophrenic patients with focal brain damage, epilepsy and neuropsychiatric disorders. And often "handwriting of Leonardo" found in people with diseases affecting the left hemisphere of the brain.

At the moment there is no consensus about what exactly is associated mirrored handwriting. Is it a sign of mental or physical abnormalities in the brain or it manifests itself in the genius? Also there is no exact statistics of how left-handedness is a prerequisite for the occurrence of mirror writing. The phenomenon of mirror writing is still being researched by many.

Advice 2 : What about when a child writes in a reflection

Mirror writing is a fairly common form of dysgraphia. This feature is observed in the majority of the children who started to study the letter in preschool age. To the beginning of study in school is usually held, however, some may remain for life. If a person is equally fluent in both hands and can write well not only in reflection but also in the usual way, do not worry. But in any case, a child who has seen similar dysgraphia, needs parental attention.
What about when a child writes in a reflection
You will need
  • - pictures with the right shapes of numbers;
  • - recipe;
  • - children's books;
  • consultation pediatric neurologist;
  • - consultation of psychologist.
A preschooler who is just beginning to paint the letters on the sheet, has the full right to write them as he pleases. He is still just mastering the skills that will be needed in the future, but at this stage, mistakes are inevitable. If this "dysgraphia" there is a five-year, and other times they have four children — rejoice for the fact that he is interested in writing. You can him a little help. Offer him books with large and clearly printed letters. The baby is just not remember what they look like. In the first stage he can't control his fine motor skills. He's just happy that he's getting something. In the mirror unable to write at the initial stage as lefties and righties.
A child of five will help and your recipe. They can be made from a conventional album sheet, since the work in the school book for the kids. Besides, he writes yet, most likely, print. Just write a few large letters and ask a child to see how you are doing, and then repeat. If he makes a mistake, do not scold and do not even pay attention to it, and after a while repeat the same exercise. For correctly completed task, don't forget to praise.
At the initial stage of learning the child should be able to see the correct shape of the letters. Encourage him to read if he already more or less good at. On the wall you can hang the alphabet. It activates visual memory of your student and will help him to control himself.
Most preschoolers writing mirror in the initial phase of learning, usually no other abnormalities, no. Their mental development corresponds to age, and all other types of activities they learn in exactly the same way as their peers. Still watch the baby, particularly if, despite the exercise, continues to write on the mirror. Consult a child psychologist. He will test your child and determine whether he and other special needs. Known cases where inability to be retrained on an ordinary letter was accompanied by a remarkable talent for fine art.
It is possible that your child, who does not want to learn to write correctly, explicit or implicit left-handed. The apparent left-handedness is usually easy to identify. The baby instinctively grabs everything with his left hand, including a pencil. He's just more comfortable to write in mirror image. There is nothing wrong with what he will have this feature. But he needs to become accustomed to, and to the right wpisaniu. To determine the hidden left-handedness, prepare a small test. Offer the child something new to him. Let's see what hand he will take a completely new subject. The fit and the old method of diagnosis. Invite a child to join hands and twisting the fingers. Hidden left-handers at the top usually is the thumb of the left hand.
If mirror writing is accompanied by significant violations of speech or of the locomotor apparatus, refer to a neurologist. This feature of the letters caused by right-handers underdevelopment of certain parts of the brain. Child, that everything else is fine, growing up, the right part of the brain is gradually getting back to normal. If not, you may need even medication, which is prescribed by a doctor. He can offer, and methods of correction.
Useful advice
The child who loves and knows how to draw, suggest to write, and to copy the letters. This formulation stimulates his attention. It will aim to accurately convey the shape that he was asked to draw.
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