Botany related to cow parsnip are highly toxic to plants. Just imagine, even one drop of its milky juice can cause on the skin a chemical burn, which may be accompanied by vomiting, nausea, dizziness and headache. If smeared with juice of Hogweed skin to take a little in the sun, in this place formed a huge blister. In addition, the plant is able to poison the respiratory system. Even the inhalation of pollen from Hogweed can cause severe allergies. The greatest danger this giant flower is the summer flowering period. It usually occurs in June-July. Therefore, be vigilant, resting on the nature. In any case, do not touch the cow parsnip, avoided it. If you accidentally touched this poisonous giant, first of all, do not panic. Carefully wash the place of contact with water and quite thick soapy foam. You can treat the affected area with a weak solution of potassium permanganate or alcohol. It will degrease the injured skin area and weaken defeat. In addition, you can impose to the place of contact with Hogweed lotion with a solution furatsilina and then use such a versatile tool against burns as "Panthenol". If the burn blisters have formed, to touch them is not necessary - it is better to simply impose aseptic bandage. If the blisters increase in size, they should be open but only it must be done by a doctor. The most important thing – for several days is necessary to cover a place of contact with a poisonous plant from sunlight. In that case, if the juice of Hogweed came to the mucosa, and no matter where exactly in the mouth or eyes should immediately seek professional medical help.