You will need
  • - pork; red beans; ham; - vegetable oil; - sour cream; - onion; - green onions - garlic; - olive; - salt; - pepper.
One Cup of red beans soak overnight. Then rinse well, pour three cups of cold water and bring to a boil over medium heat (200oC). When the water boils, carefully drain it, rinse the beans, and again, the Bay water and bring to a boil. Repeat this procedure twice. Meanwhile, prepare pork broth : carefully wash the piece of pork (300 grams), cut into pieces, pour 2 litres of water and over medium heat bring to a boil, then boil for another 30 minutes on low heat. With a skimmer or spoon to periodically skim off the impurities. Strain through a colander. Pour the prepared beans with the broth, put on a slow fire.
Onions (2 pieces) peel, cut into cubes and fry in a pan in vegetable oil until Golden color. Cut into thin strips 350 grams of chopped ham. Instead of ham can use sausage, Kurile fillet , bacon, fried or boiled pork. Peel 4 cloves of garlic, skip through chesnokodavilku. 5 finely chop the green onion.
When the broth with the beans comes to a boil, carefully add the ham, fried onions, garlic, mix thoroughly. Pepper to taste. Leave on low heat (100C) for three minutes. Add the green onions. Ready soup with beans and ham will add salt, dill, parsley, ladle into deep bowls or clay bowls, top with sour cream (on the spoon on the plate) and put on desire a little chopped green olives.