You will need
  • - burning desire to earn; - expert knowledge in any area of life; - built-in laptop microphone and webcam; - a platform for webinars; - 2 hours and the PowerPoint program - e-wallet.
In this step, estimate how much you can get when selling your knowledge online. Let's talk, based on the fact that your the first webinar will take your listeners exactly 1 hour of time. High school teacher for 1 hour of lecture earns from 300 to 1000 depending on their qualifications. I propose to proceed from these calculations. If you want to make money by selling its first webinar of not less than 1000 rubles, setting a price of the electronic ticket 100 rubles, you need to gather an audience of 10 people. However, note that you can earn when conducting a free webinar.
For your first webinar do not have to be a teacher. However, you have to be an expert in solving the pressing problems of potential listeners. Now I want to list the standard rake, which comes a large part of the new entrepreneurs who intend to make money by selling webinars. Ottalkivayas only from REAL needs and desires of potential customers. Often, most of supernovasky ideas of inventors will never be fulfilled in real life. And all for only one simple reason - the product is totally not the right audience for which it was designed. Many beginning entrepreneurs pay too much attention to the technical side of creating a webinar, rather than communication with potential customers to identify their real needs.
Solve the real problems of the listeners of the webinar
A webinar is being created to the audience, and not Vice versa! Customers are willing to pay money for a solution to their painful problem, not the beautiful title of the webinar. Here are 2 simple questions you should regularly ask possible visitors to your webinar: - What are the challenges in front of them, what they want to avoid what I fear? - What they dream about how perfect the result they would like to? Based on the responses received, and created a webinar for this audience. It is quite another thing if you decide a task that is insurmountable for many people. For example, answered the question: "How to meet a girl?" or "How does the unemployed person get a mortgage?". The more people are looking for answers to questions like these, the more audience you gather on your own webinar.
Now for the technical side of things. In this step we will talk about the equipment for webinars. You will need a microphone and in some cases web camera. Is fine built into most laptops camera and microphone. If you spend your first broadcast from your home PC, then buy a webcam with integrated microphone. The question price in this case varies from 300 to 900 rubles. Fit and headphones with microphone.
Equipment for the webinar.
Now on the criteria of site selection. Since you are a budding web entrepreneur, it is likely that your choice will fall on those platforms that give free web room webinars. Even better, if the web site is a service for the sale of tickets for the ongoing webinars. Need also popular and visited area. Services for webinars are currently a great many.
With the technical side of the webinar ended. Now I'll talk a little bit about the development of the content. You need any program to create slides that you will accompany your training. Best suited for PowerPoint version 2010. Break Your material into blocks and each information piece pick up the picture. Use a special service that is built into PowerPoint to create graphs, bulleted lists and tables. 1 hour webinar choose from 40 to 60 slides, otherwise your audience will become distracted from their computer screens.
Now it is small. Create a webinar, select the appropriate time for the webinar, download the slides in advance and files for download during the webinar that contains additional materials on the topic. Definitely get yourself an e-wallet for withdrawal of their earnings from the sale of the webinars. For the first time will do a Yandex-purse. You get it automatically when you create a mail account on Yandex.