Most users want to remove ads in Skype, appearing on the main page. This program is shareware, which is also one of the reasons for the continuing emergence of all sorts of banners and running lines. According to some users, enough to make at his own expense a small amount of money and amount of advertising will decrease significantly. But to disable ads in Skype can and free. The following methods are effective depending on what your installed version of Skype. Try each of them until you achieve the desired result.
Go to menu "Tools" to "Settings", then tab to "notifications" and click the "alerts and messages". If there is an item "promotions", remove from it a tick, and is no longer going to bother you. However, this method doesn't work in all versions.
Start with Notepad the Hosts file, which is located in the following folder: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\. Point it to:, press TAB and immediately add Save and close the file. Now you need to restart Skype and test it on lack of advertising.
Get rid of "Main page" Skype with all its unnecessary functions and ads. To do this go to %Appdata%\Skype (the Path to it like this: C:\Users\SkypeCure\AppData\Roaming\Skype). Make backup of this folder with all its contents by copying in some other location on your hard drive. Delete in the main folder all files with temp extension -* as well as files shared.xml shared.lck. Start a text editor Shared_dynco\dc.db. Remove all its contents and save. Click on the file, right click and select the attribute "read-Only". Run Skype and check for changes.