Preparing for the exam Cannot take the exam if you know nothing on the subject. Training needs to start early, otherwise convulsive flipping through the notes or textbook on the last day of the desired result will not bring, you only have it all messed up in the head. During the preparation for the exam, try to sleep, repeating the bedtime the most difficult topics, this will provide an opportunity to continue processing information in your sleep and delay the acquired knowledge into long term memory. Combine mental activity with physical, you will give your brain time to relax, which will improve the quality of training. Try not to memorize the text and understand it. So you will be able to tell the topic in your own words and to answer additional questions if necessary. The written exam is also important, as some questions are formulated in such a way that without understanding the essence of the problem choose the correct answer will not work. If we are talking about the University – try to attend all the lectures. It's not even that so you will be better treated by the teacher and that outlining the text of the lecture, you will use all types of memory: visual, auditory and motor. In addition, in their notes to prepare for much simpler, no need to fret, examining someone's handwriting, or to adapt to the complex morphology of most textbooks. Written exam Written exams are divided into an essay and tests. The writing and everything in General is simple, you only need to commit to paper their thoughts given topic, trying to show the maximum level of knowledge. In the test you are given a series of questions with answers for the allotted amount of time you need to score as many points as possible. Do not meditate long on the first few issues. Carefully read the test to end immediately noting those items that you know well. Of the remaining issues separate from those for which answers you do not know at all, they will deal with in the end. Left items that you will be able to remember or decide if you think. Their decision and spend most of the time. When the duration of the exam will remain a few minutes, at random fill in any variant of unresolved questions. Do not leave them blank, because there is a chance to guess and increase your score. Oral exam the oral exam must be prepared, not only in terms of knowledge, you need to take care about their appearance and positive attitude. The night before the test of knowledge will be devoted to sleep. You need to be fresh and rested, it will help you focus, reduce your stress levels. To questions, answer clearly and confidently. Your appearance should be inviting. Of course, teachers first assess the level of knowledge, but they are people too, if they'd be uncomfortable to be around you, they subconsciously will be negative to you are customized. So please dress modestly and neatly: washed and ironed clothes, nothing flashy. Makeup is modest. If you use perfume or toilet water, try to avoid strong smells.